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Property department at Jeya & Co is the largest department in the firm. This is divided into Residential and Commercial service. Particularly, in the last 5 years the department has grown from essentially property legal service in East London where the Property market is in the high.

We are a member of the panel of Solicitors for almost all the lenders and act for them. A list of panel membership is available on request.

The senior partner plays an extremely active role in the department and its expansion. Behind the expansion has been a deep-rooted commitment to the exploitation of the latest technology advances, with significant sum being invested towards computer packages.

At the same time Jeya & Co remains devoted to the concept of a friendly, customer-focused conveyancing service. Central to Jeya & Co’s philosophy is the goal of achieving client’s satisfaction. Our staffs are encouraged always to put the needs of the client first and to answer their queries as simply as efficiently as possible.


It is a well-known fact that moving home is one of the stressful transactions that you can undertake; it can be almost as stressful as losing your job! It is also likely to be one of the most expensive transactions that you will ever undertake and will be an important step in your life. IT IS VITAL TO GET IT RIGHT!

Fortunately we have partners that have over 15 years experience in different areas of residential property work and there are not many types of properties that we haven’t dealt with!

Residential property is dealt with at our office and we can offer you an efficient and friendly service if you want, call and see us. However, you will still get the same efficient and friendly service even if you are too far away to visit! We are increasingly dealing with properties from all 4 corners of England and Wales. We will give a quotation straight away and there will not be any hidden charges.

We mainly deal with the following:

  • Sale and purchase of freehold properties.
  • Sale and purchase of leasehold properties .
  • Re-mortgages at very reasonable costs and at fast service.
  • Deal with both registered and unregistered properties.
  • Deal with Equity Transfers.
  • Right to Buy (Purchase/Re-Mortgage/Equity Transfer).


Solicitors are like all businessmen recognise that change adaptability is fundamental to success. So to keep ahead of increasingly complex changes in commercial law and maintain our high standard of service to business clients, we here at Jeya & Co, have only partners dealing with Commercial Conveyancing. We always ensure that all of the skills and talents needed for the matters are available. This ensures that your matter is dealt with quickly, fully and with all of the expertise that which you would normally expect. If you would like to discuss your requirements in confidence, please contact the partners who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

We have experienced staffs who have dealt with the following:

  • The sale and purchase of business.
  • The granting and taking of new business leases.
  • Advising and solving on all aspects of Business, Landlord and Tenant disputes.
  • Lease Renewals.
  • Tenancy Agreements.
  • Management/Partnership Agreements.
  • Rent Review Disputes.
  • Personal Liquor Licensing.
  • Transfer of Licence.
  • Deed of Variation.
  • Liquor Licensing (Personal and Premises Licence Applications).


Many people aspire to live and work in the UK and eventually to acquire British Citizenship; their reasons are many and varied. Whatever your motivation may be we can offer our wide experience in dealing with many aspects of Asylum, Immigration and Nationality Law for individuals. Jeya & Co is respected in Asylum and Immigration matters.

Much of our work is associated with people seeking asylum, wishing to study here, bring family together and seeking to settle here whatever your need, we will guide you through the initial application processes and help you to avoid unnecessary legal problems. We will prepare and submit your application into the UK or for further permission to stay here in the UK.

We are members of the Immigration Lawyers Practitioners Association and we take pride in keeping our clients updated with latest changes in Immigration Law and Policy.

We Advise on:

  • Asylum.
  • UK Visa/ Entry Clearance Applications from abroad.
  • Highly Skilled Migrant Programme.
  • Permanent Residency.
  • British Nationality.
  • Students.
  • Marriage, Finance (e) and Same sex applications.
  • EEA Family Permits.
  • Dependents.
  • Extension of Stay.
  • Representations on behalf of those refused visas from the British High Commissions.


Why you need a will?

If you own a home or a couple of expensive cars or have a fairly sophisticated investment plan, there is a pretty good chance that you need a will.

Do you have leave a question to your family and friends “Who is to be entitled to the deceased’s assets?”

What if you don’t have one?

A will is an important document and without one your assets, properties and money might be distributed according to rules called the “Rules of Intestacy”. These rules mean in some circumstances, all of your assets might even go to the government.

We at Jeya & Co will give you friendly advice and assistance to prepare a will.

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